How to Increase Word Count: Efficient Guide to Making Your Paper Longer

When writing any academic paper, students must follow strict rules and guidelines provided by the tutor or the institute. For instance, each academic paper will require you to reach a given word count limit. It can be hard at times to reach the number of words required, especially when the topic is a bit complex.

While it can be a bit hard to write a paper to reach a certain word limit, students don’t have options other than sticking to the required rules. However, this does not imply that you add fluff or irrelevant information to fill up the required word count. So, if you have been questioning how to make a paper longer, then read on and discover the amazing and practical tips on ways to make a paper longer.

How to make a research paper longer

Whenever you feel stuck in the middle of writing your paper, consider the options below, as they may work wonders.

1. How to extend paper length using additional sources

When making your paper longer, you need to get more sources that support the argument in your statement. Of course, these aren’t part of the sources you had previously included in your outline. Many sources mean you will have more relevant content to support your points. Apart from extending the word count, these extra sources also prove to the reader that you did extensive research and gathered enough relevant information, hence earning you more marks. 

2. How to extend word count with examples

Another perfect way how to lengthen a paper is by giving real examples relating to what you are explaining. The examples are used to make the reader understand a certain concept better when reading isn’t just enough. Such examples not only enhance the word count of your paper they also prove to the reader that you understand whatever you are explaining.

3. How to increase word count by giving different viewpoints

When explaining a given point, you have your personal understanding of the statement. Don’t rely only on what you know. Instead, factor in other research ideas as you describe other points of view in a clear manner. However, when extending the viewpoint, remember to stick to the main ideas and concepts to avoid explaining unnecessary points.

4. How to make a research paper longer with quotations

If you already have a number of quotations in your paper, then there is no point in saturating the paper with a lot of quotes. However, if you don’t have any quotes within your paper, you might consider adding some, as this is a perfect idea to making your paper longer. However, don’t place any quotes just anywhere. Get appropriate quotes that relate to the main point you are explaining and fix them appropriately. Even the readers will relate to what you are explaining through the quote and motivate them to read your paper.

5. How to make your paper longer through the intro and conclusion parts

When you already have your paper ready, but the word count isn’t in place yet, you can reconsider the introduction and conclusion sections. Instead of adding more words in the main body of the essay, these two sections are okay. The main body requires only relevant information, and if you start adding more ideas, the points might get saturated and lose the required meaning.

6. Use transitions for making your paper longer

When someone else is reading your paper, they need to experience a smooth transition. Although these transitions make it look like unnecessary word count, they make the paper flow with ease and longer as they prepare the reader for the next point. Examples of transition words include, on the contrary, with this in mind, among others. Use such wordings at the beginning of your paragraph or just before you conclude the paragraph.


Have you been struggling with how to extend word count for your paper? Well, I hope you have now seen how easy it is to add meaningful content to your paper and add word count easily.

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