45 Best Topics for History Research Paper + Writing Guide

While in a college or a university, one thing is that you will always write research papers as a student. Sometimes, these papers depend on the course you are taking, while in some instances, the topics can be general so that the teachers can evaluate the understanding of students under a given subject matter. If your course is under history, then you have come across several history paper topics and realized how they could be structured to bring out meaningful content. https://mypaperdone.com/ offers a wide range of academic writing services to help students excel in their studies. However, if you are looking forward to specializing in history and don’t have any idea of how you will handle the different research papers, then read on to have a deeper understanding.

What is a history research paper?

Unlike other research papers on other subject matter, it is essential that you understand the slight differences when it comes to a history research paper because of the unique character and guidelines you must follow when writing a history paper. In the case of a history paper, you must study and understand the things that happened in the past. So, you will be using past materials to create an original research paper as your own work.

History research paper outline: what does it take to craft the best history paper?

Like any other academic paper, history research must have a clear format before submitting it. Of course, history paper topics are the first thing that will come into your mind because you must have a clear topic before you begin your research. The following tips will help you write a perfect history paper:

1. Remember the history paper format

A history research paper, just like any other paper, must have clear sections with clear content. The format must have a topic for history paper, an introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. Make sure all these sections are filled with the right and well-formatted information.

2. Always write a history paper outline

In any case, when writing a research paper, never assume writing an outline. This outline will guide you throughout the whole process. Instead of writing, then you realize you forgot some important sections, an outline will help you and ensure you stay in line throughout the writing process.

3. Choose the best history research paper topics

Before you start writing your history research paper, always know that the topic matters the most. Get an interesting topic that will fascinate you to do the research and create great content. Let us highlight some of the best research paper topics history in the categories below:

History research paper topics you can consider

Top American history research paper topics

  1. Texas Revolution: The role of the Alamo
  2. The Cowboy experience in the West Culture
  3. The role of Harriet Tubman in the Underground Railroad
  4. John Brown: Was he a terrorist or a hero?
  5. Great Chicago Fire: The Causes and the Impact
  6. Explain why Eugene Debs was the most dangerous man in America
  7. Why did the United States of America participate in World War 1?
  8. Explain how the New Deal saved America from Depression

Best art history research paper topics

  1. How did the Greek Theatre Impact Art History?
  2. Analyze the comparison Between Mesoamerican and Egyptian Pyramids
  3. Features of the Chinese Art Feudalism Era
  4. The Evolution of Art Fairs
  5. The role of the Trojan War in Greek Art
  6. The Ancient Egypt Funerary Arts
  7. What is the Link Between Industrial Revolution and Art Development?
  8. What are the Features of Rococo Interior Design?

Easy history research paper topics

  1. What Symbolizes Ancient Egypt?
  2. What was the History of Palestine Like?
  3. What is your Understanding of Sumerian Traditions and Culture?
  4. Explain the Amor and Weapon Development in the Middle Ages
  5. What Caused Syrian Conflicts?
  6. The Chancellorsville Battle
  7. Explain the Impact of Apartheid
  8. What is your understanding of Witch Hunts and the Catholic Church?

Good history topics for research paper

  1. Explain the Role of Religion in the Middle Age
  2. What Happened after Cold War?
  3. What is your Understanding of Religion and the Crusades?
  4. WWII and Africa
  5. What is the Impact of PC and Internet Invention?
  6. Native Americans Vs. Europeans
  7. US Immigration and policies in the 21st Century
  8. Explain Social Movement in America

Interesting history research paper topics

  1. Violent Events in Jamaican History
  2. Peasant’s Life in Medieval Europe
  3. Apartheid in South Africa
  4. Social stratification and the Western world
  5. Describe the Kent State shooting
  6. What is the Underground Railroad?
  7. The Review of the 9/11 attack
  8. The Midway Battle

World history research paper topics

  1. What is your understanding of the United States History?
  2. NATO’S role in the World community
  3. The Great Recession
  4. Modern World and Cultural Changes
  5. Ancient Civilization and the use of Weapons


When you get your history research paper, always start to prepare first before you can indulge in the research process. Never forget the key element of choosing the best history research paper topics that will ease your research process.